Writing a Draft of Your Essay

Now is the time to draw everything together. Using your outline as a guide, make a start on writing the three main parts of your essay. As you have already done all the thinking and the planning, this part should now flow without hesitation.


  • The opening paragraph is there to lay out the plot. It is here that you introduce your main arguments and create a firm footing for your debate or discussion. It is not the place to offer answers – but you may pose questions.

  • The Body of your essay is made up of as many paragraphs as you need to discuss all the points you have drawn up in your outline. You should use each paragraph to deal with a different aspect of your topic. You should order the discussion points so they flow naturally, and follow on, as your argument or description unfolds.

  • The Conclusion is where you write in a brief and concise manner, the answers to any questions or hypotheses which you have introduced in the body of the essay. This is where you sum up the entire work – leaving no unanswered questions and no doubts in the readers mind on where you stand on the important issues.

  • The final part of the writing process is to add a list of references and to give full accreditation for all quotations that have been used in your essay from academic sources – in accordance with the rules of your school, college or university.



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