Not All Essay Writing Services Are Good For Your Grades.

Sub-Standard Non-British Services Are Operating In this Marketplace.


You May be at Risk

You have arrived at this website because you want us to write a high quality academic paper to further your studies and personal achievements.


At this point you are probably nervous. Maybe you haven’t done this before and you’re worried that someone will take your money and deliver unsatisfactory work to you.

Well . . . you are right to be cautious.


What you want is the highest quality work that will earn you the very best marks or grades. You want to feel confident that when you hand in your work, it will receive an acknowledgement from your tutors and examiners for all the right reasons.


Your very worst nightmare would be to hand in a piece of work, on which you will be judged, only to receive it back again, covered in angry red ink.

The Problems With Plagiarism

Any piece of work that isn’t original will be badly received. Universities and Colleges frequently use software that can read your work and determine whether there are parts of the text that have been written before by someone else.


Any part of your work that has been cut and pasted from other academic works will be highlighted by this software. Plagiarism is always a dirty word, but nowhere is this truer than in Schools, Universities and Colleges, where originality is expected from all students.


So one of the first things you must be acutely aware of is plagiarism. And you need to be confident that the provider of your essays and papers are fulfilling your order with writing that is entirely original. You must be sure that your completed paper has not simply been copied and previously submitted on multiple occasions.

How Can You Ensure You Are Getting Top Quality Writing?

Another area for concern is paying for work that is generally second-rate.


If you are not entirely comfortable with your subject, you might not be able to tell the difference between a piece of work that will receive a 2:1 grade, and work that will be receive a less attractive 2:2 grade (or even lower).


However, your tutors and examiners will have no such problems.

If you hand in work that is sub-standard and receive low marks or grades, this could affect the rest of your life. Employers are very choosy. And many of them will not employ people unless they have the very best marks or grades.


If your work does not reach the required standards, you may miss out on your chosen career, or spend years trying to catch up.

What Steps Can I Take to Avoid Plagiarism and Sub-Standard Work?

Firstly – it’s fair to say that there are good essay writing services who – like ourselves – strive to produce the very best results and maintain the highest standards for our customers.


However, there are unscrupulous people operating in this market place, often based in Asia or Eastern Europe, who would take your money without achieving the standards you will be expecting.


Many of these sub-standard operators only have English as a second language. They will often copy other people’s material to complete your order.


The good news is that these offshore operators are quite easy to spot. Here are some points and checks you should make before entrusting your work and parting with any money.

1) The Service Must be from a UK based Company.

  • A UK Registered Company.
  • Name and Registered Number listed at Companies House.
  • Subject to British Consumer Protection Laws.
  • UK Landline number (not diverted abroad).
  • Bank Account with a British Bank.


2) Should be able to Verify the Quality of their Work

A legitimate UK based company will be pleased to confirm to you, the quality of their work in writing. This should include.


  • A Guarantee on the grades of their papers (for example - 2:1).
  • A clear and unambiguous refund policy.
  • A plagiarism guarantee.

3) Should be Charging Realistic Rates for their Work

A UK based company will have to pay professional and experienced writers to complete your order. We are always looking for new writers who fulfil the strict criteria detailed on our website.


With offices and overheads to pay, it is unlikely that a reputable UK-based essay writing business would be able to offer a cut-price service.


Therefore, if you are offered a service at a price that seems too good to be true – then it is probably safer to look elsewhere.

What You Can Expect from Us

We are a UK based Company – Registered in England. We provide a high quality essay and paper writing service to pupils and students of schools, colleges and Universities.


  • Our offices are in the UK.
  • Our contact telephone numbers are all British.
  • We have a UK bank account.
  • Our staff are all British born and resident in Britain.
  • We only use British writers who have proved themselves to write to the highest standards.
  • All our work is original.
  • We do not tolerate plagiarism.
  • We never recycle or re-sell old essays or papers.
  • We respect your right to privacy at all times.
  • We will be happy to confirm the quality of our service and our written papers to you in writing.



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