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It is widely accepted that many students in the UK go about writing their essays in the wrong manner. And this is despite the fact that students in the majority of UK colleges, schools and universities required to write essays or a series of essays on a fairly regular basis in order to prove their full understanding of the subject matter being taught.

However, there are a number of things that students can do in order to make essay writing less painful. Below we’ve touched upon a few important student essay tips that students can utilize to make essay writing easier.


Fully understanding the assignment


Out of the many student essay tips this one is the most important since students may fail to write compelling essays mainly because they fail to fully understand their assignment. You need to have a good understanding of exactly what you need to do, if there are questions these need to be clarified by the teacher, professor or instructor. Knowing what needs to be done is the key to starting the task in a correct manner since it ensures that you will not miss key essay requirements.


Make a list of your ideas and thoughts

Organizing your thoughts is one of the key elements of any essay writing assignments. When you organize your thoughts you are in fact looking at ways to tackle the task more effectively. It is also important to organize all your resource material as well.


Make an outline of your essay

Making an outline of your essay will give you a good grasp of exactly how best to present the facts you want in your essay. You can sort through all the information you have prior to determining the flow of the essay in your outline.


Quick Draft

This is another one of the most important student essay tips because when you write a quick draft you do not need to worry about grammar or quality, this is something you can always fix later. However, the draft should help you effectively test the flow of your ideas and build upon them in later.


Pay attention to formatting

Even though the content of your essay is obviously important it is also the manner in which it is formatted that is equally important. Make sure to follow the right formatting guidelines, as well as check for grammatical and spelling errors since these can reduce the marks you’re awarded.


A unique point of view on the topic / subject

It is always a good sign when a student provides his or her unique point of view on a topic or subject. So a unique perspective is definitely something you should work towards delivering in your essay.


Plagiarism Checking

It goes without saying that 100% unique content is something you should work towards. Always cite your sources properly, and reference any information that you include in your work. At the end of the day running it through a plagiarism checking program is also a good idea.


Take a look at examples

Writing an essay becomes easier once you’ve looked at a few examples. You can have a look at some of our free essay samples. Checkout few of these essays and study exactly how arguments and ideas are presented in those essays.


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