Student Essays: How to Prepare Your Next One

You may have heard that the recipe for success is “Preparation, preparation, preparation”; the same can be said for a truly successful student essay.  To prepare your essay with relative ease you need to make a mind map, you also need to decide on your thesis statement and create a logical outline.

Student Essays: What Is A Mind Map?

A mind map is a diagram or chart that helps you to brainstorm and visualize your ideas and any other relevant information.  For your student essay, the centre of the diagram houses the main bubble/circle with the essay topic inside.  Lines shoot out from the main bubble, these lines have a word or phrase written at the end, these are your main points.  From these words and phrases, smaller lines are formed with words and phrases that narrow the focus of your main points.

Using the mind map, write your essay question and draw a circle round it.  Now, come up with as many points that relate to the subject as you can and space them around the main circle.  Remember to draw the connecting lines.  From these main points, draw more lines and tighten the focus of the main points.  Do this until you can’t come up with any more points.

Student Essays: It’s Time for Your Thesis Statement

Armed with all the information you have gathered in your mind map, you probably have a good idea of what you want your essay to say.  The thesis is a statement of what you intend to prove in your essay, it is the conclusion and the rest of the essay is the proof of the statement.  Looking at your mind map, what conclusion can you come up with?

Student Essays: Outlining

A student essay can fall down due to the lack of planning.  That is all outlining is: planning.  The best way to outline is to print out your thesis statement, in large letters and tape it above your desk.  The reason for this is that by keeping your thesis clear in your mind you are far less likely to stray of topic.

Take your mind map and copy down all the information that goes to prove your thesis statement.  Spend some time putting this information into a logical order.  Make sure that you don’t repeat the same information twice.  Each point will form a paragraph that must help to prove your thesis statement.  When you are happy you can move on to writing your essay.

Student Essays: You’re All Prepared

Now you know how to use mind mapping to brainstorm your topic, decide on your thesis statement and come up with your supporting information.  You’re ready to write your essay.

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