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Writing social scienceessays is often thought of as being difficult. Many students report that the essays assigned to them are hard to research and thus hard to write. The main reason why students are getting increasingly difficult social science essaywriting assignments given to them is because schools and colleges in the UK want to raise their standard of education. Teachers want to push students to do independent research, come up with their own theories and substantiate them.

How To Write Social Science Essays – The Easy Method

The easy method of social science essay writing starts with fully understanding the topic assigned to you. You should make sure to read through the topic a few times and if there is something which is not clear then ask your teacher to explain it to you. Sometimes teachers will assign ambiguous topics to students in order to get them to ask questions or explore the subject more.



However, once students understand the social science essay writing assignment’s topic they can move on with the following method of breaking the assignment down into segments:

1. Make a list of all the points you want to write about. If there is an argument you want to make list that too.

2. Take the points you listed and make a mind map out of it with your biggest / main argument right in the center with all the surrounding arguments branching out from it.

3. Using the mind map you can start researching for information from reliable sources to substantiate your micro and macro arguments prior to a final drafting process.

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