Reviewing and Revising to Improve Your Writing

An important part of the writing process is the reviewing and editing stage. This is where you tidy up your work and add value by polishing the parts that sound clunky and/or unclear.

Now you are free from the writing process you must now wear a different hat. You are now the editor. First – you will run the document through a mechanical spell-checker which will flush out any misspellings. However, your computer won’t pick up the wrong usage of words such as ‘their’ – ‘there’ or ‘they’re’. All are correctly spelt – but only one has the correct meaning.  


Proofreading your essay to improve your writing

Read your essay out loud – or ask a friend to read it to you. Any stumbles or raised eyebrows may mean a sentence needs restructuring.

As the objective observer, you must decide whether your essay delivers the right tone and arguments to satisfy your tutor and examiners.

 As you go through – alter any errors and pieces of clunky sentence construction.

Remember that the job of proofreading is to catch and change anything that would stop your reader from enjoying your essay on any level.


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