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The majority of marketing essay topics which are assigned to students today are mainly designed to be challenging. Experts note that in order for marketing to evolve students need to have the ability to re-invent themselves and learn new things which is one reason why these essay topics are challenging. However, what can be more challenging is that in the majority of cases teachers will give students a free rein to write about what they like i.e. chose their own topic. And many students are caught off guard when they have to come up with their own marketing essay topics.


Get Professional Help With Your Marketing Essay Topics

If you have been assigned with the task of coming up with your own marketing essay topics then you’re probably struggling with a few aspects of this i.e. the scope, what you need to address, how to get your point of view in, what sort of grading will the teacher use etc. However, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when trying to come up with good marketing essay topics:

• Start with thinking about what aspect of marketing you feel comfortable talking about in your essay.
• Take into consideration the scope of the essay that your teacher may have designated.
• Make sure that your essay offers for multiple approaches.
• Your essay and especially its title should make for an interesting read.
• Also think about how you’re going to turn it into a compelling essay.

Some good yet common marketing essay topics are:

• Corporate marketing versus small business marketing
• How to balance your online marketing strategies with offline ones
• Why spending on conventional marketing avenues can often be a waste of money
• Provide examples of small business marketing strategies that incorporate big business strategies
• What are the drawbacks of an international marketing campaign?

Even though there are many instances and common examples of good marketing essay topics (mostly assigned by teachers) at times these may not be enough. If you need to come up with compelling marketing essay topics we can help. At we employ a team of marketing experts who have years of experience both as marketers themselves and also have various degrees in marketing. If you need help with your marketing essay topics feel free to contact us.


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