Getting Started

"Many students experience difficulties when setting out to write an essay. There are a number of steps which will greatly improve your chances of success. We have listed some tips here to talk you through the whole process."


Getting started on your essay


Here are three important points to consider before settling down to write:


  • Do you have a clear understanding of what your tutor requires?
  • Which audience is the essay intended to reach?
  • What message or viewpoint do you want to convey?


A good essay will often demonstrate your clear understanding of a particular strand of your course. However, sometimes an opposite view or argument – supported by good reasoning – can be successful, if that approach is required.

Planning your essay


A successful essay will involve good planning. It will also make your essay much easier to write. Begin by brainstorming. This means jotting down thoughts and ideas randomly to be expanded or discarded later in the planning process.


  • Write a short but clear synopsis, or outline, of your central theme or argument.

  • Collect powerful or active words and phrases that work in support of your main argument. These can be used throughout your essay to give a compelling sense of direction to the piece.

  • Research your subject – or brainstorm again, to try and create counter arguments to your main theme or opinion. This will show you have considered the subject matter from all angles and that your finished essay represents a balanced view.



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