Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Can you cover topics not specified in your subject list?

Yes. Our professional and skilled writers can produce essays and dissertations on all subjects. With a large list of qualified specialist writers to draw on, we are sure to have the perfect writer for your task – no matter what the genre.


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2. Do you ever re-sell or publish essays?

No. We emphatically never rewrite or resell your work - ever.


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3. What standard do you write to?

We write to the standard you request. When we start talking with you – our initial discussion will include determining the grade you need to achieve. If you need a 2:1 or a Master’s then that will be the standard you will receive.


It is a firm company policy that we never support plagiarised writing. To do otherwise would be entirely counterproductive. All our work is completely original and we run your work through anti-plagiarism software to protect you, as well as protecting our own reputation.


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4. What are the Methods of payment?

We accept payments from all major credit and debit cards and we also accept payments via PayPal. Payments are made when you submit the order form and are made in one lump sum. If you are interested in paying for your order in instalments please contact our Customer Care service. We also accept bank wire transfers, but please note that additional time for this as these transfers take several working days for the funds to arrive in our account.


We will commence your assignment as soon as we receive cleared funds.


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5. Can you guarantee that this service is private and confidential?

With you are assured that your identity is kept confidential. Part of our success comes from the knowledge that student’s information and details are kept safe at all times. We would never jeopardize that trust.


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6. How will you choose a writer to complete my assignment?

As soon as we receive your order, it is transferred to our writing department. They will go through your request with a fine tooth comb to make sure we have the correct writer with the appropriate qualifications to complete your assignment.

The selection of writers is a key part of our service. If we fail to get this part right – we stand to lose customers and that could damage our reputation.

Nothing travels faster than bad news!


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7. How is the paper delivered to me?

An email notification will be delivered to you on the ‘ID’ you provide when you registered with us. As soon as your order is completed, the paper will be uploaded to your account; and you simply download the paper from the password protected account.


It is important that any changes of email are notified immediately.


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 8. What if I want the writer to make some changes to the order he completed for me?

Our writers will make amendments to your order prior to starting work - with no charge. However, if you request changes to your order or essay after work has commenced there may be some additional charges applied to your account which will depend on the nature and scope of the changes requested.


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 9. Is it cheating?

Our service is legal. As soon as we deliver your essay, the work becomes your property. It is entirely your decision whether you use the essay for research purposes, or whether you choose to rewrite or add some of your own thoughts. Alternatively, you may decide to submit the essay as your own. It has been written for you, to the standard you have selected and as an original piece of work, it is yours to use as you wish.


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10. Can I visit your office?

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. We warmly welcome you to visit us at any time. If you would like to visit our office we ask that you make an appointment first, as we are always busy.

Much easier for you is the potential to do your transaction with us online. We have set up our service as an internet service – so this is the way it works best for all concerned.

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