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Development studies are another one of the many branches of social science which address the issues faced by developing countries. However, the majority of development studies essays focus on the historic issues related to economic and social development. While a fair majority of essays on this subject are easy to write, there are a few development studies essays which can be regarded as difficult. Writing development studies essays which are difficult will require a lot of research beyond just the Development Studies Association website.

Handling Difficult Development Studies Essays

The best way to approach a difficult development studies essay writing assignment is to break it down into smaller, easier to research and manage pieces. However, the first step to this approach is to understand the topic assigned to you. In order to make writing development studies essays difficult many teachers will join together two or more separate topics with a slight twist. This twist is what throws may students off. If you’re not sure about the topic assigned then make sure that the teacher explains things to you prior to proceeding.

• Development studies are all about facts, and figures. So the first thing you should do is to research all the facts which will be part of your essay. Make a list of them so that you do not have to open your books or visit a website every few minutes.

• Start with writing a draft of the essay. Your drafting process should be done in parts whereby you write each part as an individual essay.

• At the end all you’ll need to do is to check your formatting and make sure that the conclusion clearly states your point based on all the research cited above.

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