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Earning a degree in communications requires that most students in the UK need to write a number of essays every semester. In most cases these essays can be regarded as easy during the first few semesters but after that teachers will begin to assign increasingly challenging essays. Many students even the bright ones will have to put in additional effort into research and writing in order to get good grades. However, in our experience even challenging communications essays can be written with the right approach. But it is important that you understand the topic given to you prior to putting any of the below suggestions into use.

• Writing communications essays need to start with an outline of what you want to write. If you already have a preconceived notion about the topic then make sure to note that down too. An outline of what you want to cover in your essay will help you with researching for it.

• When researching it is always a good idea to start with the first few points and then work your way down to the less important points.

• Before you start writing your final essays always write a draft (without thinking much about grammar and sentence structure).

• Before you consider your essay finishes always make sure that you’ve gotten the format correct.

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