Building as Outline for Your Essay

Now you should expand your brief synopsis to form a draft outline of your entire essay. This will include a note on each paragraph. In effect, you will end up with a guide map of the essay you are about to write. Doing this will greatly improve your chances of maintaining a clear sense of direction, that will help you avoid wandering off the subject. It will also assist with sticking to your required word count.


  • Your essays should begin with an introductory paragraph. This will give an overview of everything that will follow in your discussion throughout the essay.

  • The Body of your essay is where you will discuss a number of points alluded to in your opening paragraph. For your outline, you should create sufficient paragraphs for all the major points to be discussed.

  • The final part of your outline should briefly detail how you will draw all arguments together to create a firm conclusion.

  • Briefly – re-read your outline to ensure that you have included all points and arguments and that your conclusion is persuasive enough to leave no doubts where you stand.



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