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Architecture is the study of designing, building and sustaining buildings both residential and commercial. One of the largest growing industries of the modern world today green architecture and in particular green architects are some of the highest paid professionals in the world which has driven the number of students enlisting for a degree in architecture up. However, enrolling in an architecture degree course is one thing because the actual hard work starts once you’re assigned your first essay. Writing architecture essays are difficult to say the least. Most architecture essay writing tasks require that students also draw diagrams, do calculations and write about their theories and explanations.

The Best Approach To Writing A Winning Architecture Essay

The best way to write architecture essays is to do it one step at a time. This means that it would be a good idea to break writing architecture essays into smaller more manageable pieces. However, the first baby step everyone needs to take and also incidentally the most important one is to understand the topic. It is important for students to ask their teacher for an explanation or elaboration if they do not understand the topic as this will help them a great deal in 90% of the cases. It is only once students understand this, should they go ahead with writing the essay.

• Start with listing all the ideas you want to talk about in your architecture essay.

• Make sure to always work on the diagrams, sketches, and models relating to the essay prior to writing your essay.

• Your research prior to writing architecture essays should be limited to elaborating and substantiating the points you listed earlier.

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